You’ve seen it in cinema blockbusters, a master hacker types at the speed of light and unlocks all the security in a blink of an eye. Is it completely unbelievable? With our services auditing businesses through Wreckbot AI and our partnerships, we know how criminals can access company data. We’ve even detailed some of the most common methods, as well as the different types of malware there are. If IT jargon isn’t your strong point, we’ve got you covered.

However, we are always impressed by some of the more creative and unusual routes hackers take.

The Top 5 Funniest Hacking Stories:

  1. Fish Tank Hack, Casino, 2017 In Las Vegas, a small fish tank was used to hack into a casino’s computer network. The fish tank was connected to the internet and had sensors that monitored temperature, food, and cleanliness. The hackers used the tank to gain access to the casino’s network and access sensitive information.

  2. Bitcoin Twitter Hack, 2022 In 2020, a cybercriminal managed to take over the Twitter accounts of several high-profile individuals and companies, including Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Apple. They used the accounts to post a bitcoin scam, promising followers they would receive double their money back if they sent bitcoin to a specific address.

  3. Orange Is the New Black Hack, 2017 In 2017, a hacker group known as TheDarkOverlord hacked into a production company and leaked the entire fifth season of Netflix’s hit show “Orange Is the New Black.” However, the group’s plans were foiled when many fans of the show actually praised the leak and watched the new season early.

  4. Hacking a Telegraph, 1903 Although hacking and cybercrime seem like very modern offenses, there are records of their existence long before this. Take 1903, for example. The Royal Academy of Sciences was preparing to demonstrate a long-distance wireless telegraph message between London and Cornwall using a new machine designed by Guglielmo Marconi. As the demonstration was about to begin, the recipients in London started to receive some odd messages. The word ‘Rats’ was sent repeatedly until it changed to tapping out an insulting poem about Marconi “diddling the public”. The hacker was a magician and prankster, Nevil Maskelyne, and his interception proved that the connection was vulnerable and messages were not private.

  5. Thunderstruck Power Plant, 2010 Unless you’re Homer Simpson, working in a nuclear power plant should be a safe and secure workplace until a hacker comes along. In 2010, US and Israeli coders unleashed a computer worm on Iranian nuclear facilities. Although some sensitive information was shared and distributed, the other elements of the hack were out of the ordinary. They uploaded AC/DC’s track ‘Thunderstruck’ to the primary PA system, meaning the tune would blast throughout the building at random intervals.

Don’t fancy being on the end of any of these hilarious stories? Ensure your business is secure with Wreckbot AI, an all-rounded cybersecurity solution provider along with our attached services!

Stay Secure.